hv 450 AP2 / hv 630 AP2

Vacuum welding machines (Impulse)

hv 450 AP2 / hv 630 AP2

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hv 450 AP2 / hv 630 AP2

Vacuum impulse welding machines for professional use in industry and medical industry.

The hv 450 AP2 / hv 630 AP2 hawo vacuum impulse welding devices possess many features, which make the vacuum sealing, aeration and welding of thermoplastic pouches user friendly, safe and simple. Various packaging materials can be used (see technical data for detailed information). By default, all vacuum impulse welding machines are equipped with two nozzles for even and rapid suction and gassing.


  • Vacuuming, gas flushing and sealing of plastic bags
  • Suitable for use in clean rooms
  • Stainless steel casing
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hv 450 AP2 / hv 630 AP2