The new compact class – The rotary sealers with printer for more verifiable reliability


At this year’s Medica, hawo presented the new hm 780 DC and hm 780 DC-V rotary sealers (V=process can be validated). With the ergonomic, high-performance but nevertheless exceedingly compact sealing devices, hawo brings the successful GENERATION EASY concept forward to the fields of the physician and the clinic.

In this product concept, ergonomics, clear functionality and operating safety unite in a purist product design. This is also the case with the new hm 780 DC / DC-V: The sealing device with integrated printer satisfies all the require- ments in its hospital application; where economy and compactness are concerned, it sets the benchmark in this device class.

Especially the hm 780 DC-V, which can be completely validated according to EN ISO 11607-2:2006, makes no curtailment whatsoever in safety: The process parameters sealing temperature, contact pressure and the sealing speed, are continually monitored and thanks to the Seal Check function documented directly on the sterile goods packaging. In the case of deviations the device automatically shuts off. As one of the first sealing devices, the hm 780 DC / DC-V possesses the newly developed hawo htr 780 Process Controller. The result: standard-conforming, valid and user-independent, reproducible sealing results at a glance. The automatic adjustment of the print-out to the film width (FontMatic™) makes the operation of these devices additionally more comfortable.

Especially important for the application in the medical and clinic areas is the connection to the existing infrastructure. The hm 780 DC-V, therefore, has at its disposal a computer interface, to which hawo’s mobile test system ht 180 PT-USB, as well as all current batch documentation systems and software, can be connected. For even easier operation, the hm 780 DC / DC-V can be completely operated with a barcode scanner. Important data such as personnel number and product designation can be read directly by the scanner. The device automatically recognizes incoming information and assigns it to the corresponding print symbol (IntelligentScan). Safety in black and white.