Professional packaging that is also gentle on the environment.



With the hawopack range of products, which has been an established and highly respected market regular for many years, the southern Germany-based manufacturer of packaging equipment is continuing to address the latest developments in the industry and also displaying its prowess in terms of cost-effectiveness and environmental protection. hawo recommends that cleaning companies, laundries and the apparel industry package with PE film for the environmentally-friendly packaging of clothes and items of laundry. This film is made from polyethylene, which is gentle on the environment and made from the organic components carbon and hydrogen, which are also the building blocks for wood and plant fibres, for example. These give PE films excellent resilience and tear resistance. The polyethylene films are physiologically harmless and do not affect the groundwater in landfill. In incineration plants, they are a welcome source of energy and are also 100% recyclable. They're also completely odourless.

Cleaned goods can therefore be easily packaged on both machines with the hanger. The packaging lengths of the films are trimmed precisely to the length of the item of clothing, keeping the process more efficient and cost-effective. As a result, when clothes are delivered to the customer, they are guaranteed to be professionally-packaged, dirt and dust-free.

As the German world market leader, hawo sees itself as a mentor and has been using in all of its product categories for many years materials that are environmentally friendly, ensure efficient working and are in harmony with the concept of sustainability. However even packaging systems that are already established and well known on the market are also constantly being checked by the development department, improved and adapted to the strictest quality standards. "Products that particularly accentuate our philosophy of sustainability are labelled with our hawo GreenTek logo," says Hans Wolf, senior manager and founder of hawo.

"On our garment packaging machines, we are continuing to use pulse sealing technology," adds Jochen Emmerling, head of development at hawo. The heating elements are only activated during the sealing process. If the machine is not in use, it doesn't require any power. Another plus in terms of eco-friendliness.

The hp 630 base station is available as a mobile, stand-alone unit (hp 630 KST) and can be operated manually. The height adjustment facility ensures ergonomic working at all times.

The manually-operated hp 630 KST-BS extends the base station with the versatile mechanism for transport protection, which prevents products that fall on the floor and slip from getting dirty.

Of course, the machines are also available in a pneumatic version. The sealing process then takes place fully automatically at the press of a button.

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