MEDICA 2014 - hawo's product innovations successfully presented in Duesseldorf


The international response at MEDICA 2014 was more than successful for hawo's product innovations. Right on time for MEDICA 2014, the world's largest trade show for medical technology, hawo presented the hm 8000 AS-V SealCut® and a new generation of ink tests hawo InkTest PRO.


hm 8000 AS-V SealCut® This innovative machine produces up to 5.000 pouches per hour from standard reels of film (also gusseted or Tyvek®1) and ejects them, perfectly sorted, to the front of the machine, where they can easily be removed for further processing. With the new SealCut® users can now work in a manner that is much more flexible as well as extremely economical and completely profitable.

In seal-only mode, the SealCut can also be used as a sealing device for closing the fourth side of the pouch. The new, intelligent and innovativ SizeMatic-technology then calculates the ideal pouch length automatically. As a result, the user can produce precisely-dimensioned pouches. Pouches that are too long or too short are therefore finally a thing of the past.

Of course this machine meets all the requirements of ISO 11607-2 and the new guidance ISO/DTS 16775.

Another highlight is the low energy consumption of only 200 W, which is significantly below the average consumption of comparable machines.


The new hawo InkTest PRO has been developed to check the integrity of seal seams easily, safely and quickly according to ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929 (for paper/plastic and Tyvek®1/plastic pouches and reels)

There is no need for pipettes or other objects for filling. Furthermore there is no risk of leakage or migration of the liquid to your clothes, skin or objects in your work area. The hawo InkTest PRO is packed (30 pieces) in a special pack for easy application. The aluminium package will protect the ink from light damage.