Donations instead of Gifts 2013


Mosbach/Obrigheim, December 2013: hawo looks back on a successful year and therefore we would like to “pay it forward” via a project of the heart that provides aid to Cambodia.

As in previous years, instead of a Christmas gift for our customers, we will be making a donation to the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap in Cambodia. Due to the poor and hard-to-find health care in the country, families with children are dependent on donations and help from others. They often travel on foot from remote villages many kilometres away seeking life-saving aid. Especially in the medical field, there is an immense need for education and action to ensure appropriate, sanitary care. Our annual donation is our active contribution to this endeavour. As a manufacturer of sealing devices for instrument packaging, we see it as our duty to help improve hygienic standards. Through our local support with workstations for sterile goods packaging and analysis equipment, we have been able to make an important contribution to helping those affected locally over the past few years.

Hans Wolf is personally convinced that the help is going exactly where it is urgently needed. For the project that he started, he regularly checks the status of the local conditions and acts as a coach to ensure everything is handled correctly. Through this support, it is not only possible to supply children with free medical care, but also possible to educate the affected family regarding deficiency symptoms and illnesses that are caused by an unbalanced diet and to prevent them. With our know-how and financial support, we would like to build up the momentum in this area. Thus our donation this year is an urgently-needed ventilator that can be used for small children and babies.

We wish you a peaceful and contemplative Christmas season and time to charge new energy for your plans in 2014.

With warm regards, Hans Wolf and Christian Wolf