ht 780 SC SealCom

Touch screen communication module

ht 780 SC SealCom
ht 780 SC SealCom

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ht 780 SC SealCom

The intelligent and intuitive-to-operate communication module with 7" TFT color display and touch screen is the perfect accessory for device control, process monitoring and documentation for the packaging with rotary sealers and welding machines.

In addition to the clear presentation of the monitored process parameters the SealCom automatically records and documents them. Further the recorded data can be processed via USB, Ethernet or RS 485 interface. The device works seamlessly with the hawo IntelligentScan technology: Input can be done via a touch screen and hm 780 BR-USB barcode scanner (hm 780 DC and  hm 780 DC-V only).

Compatible devices:


  • Displays the process parameters temperature, contact pressure and sealing speed (dwell) or sealing time
  • Records the process parameters in the memory and on USB stick for transfer to an external PC
  • Creation and storage of lists for texts, batch identifiers or personal IDs
  • Creation of functional lists for the parameters for different film materials (formulars), individual favourite lists for quickly changing specific print data
  • Plug and Understand: Interactive operating guidance
  • Network-enabled (USB, Ethernet and RS 485)
  • Compatible with hawo IntelligentScan-technology
  • Compatible with all hm 780 DC/DC-V models already supplied
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